Brickyard Theatre Concert!

Back From Nowhere
An Evening with CV Wells
On Saturday October 4th, 2014 – 7:30 PM

CV Wells

CV Wells is Back From Nowhere. The media often run stories of well known songwriters or musicians still doing what they’re already famous for long into their Autumn years. But it’s rare to hear of someone crazy enough to start a music career at that same point in their life. CV Wells did exactly that. An up and coming, and sought after talent in his youth, fate and his own personal demons would send him on many detours away from his music. He’s now come back full circle. His recently released debut CD was recorded with Grammy nominated producer Reggie Griffin. It showcases Wells’ powerful vocal talent and his touching, story-driven and sometimes humorous songwriting. His unique style blends Folk and Acoustic Rock with just a hint of his Texas roots as an undercurrent. When someone asked him “Why aren’t you famous? Where have you been?” Wells said “Nowhere. But now I’m back!”

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Please Bring a Jacket and Please feel free to bring a bottle of wine.

$20 suggested donation
CD’s Available at the Concert – For More information about CV and Samples Click here

What Other reviewers have said about CV:

“A voice rich enough to add power to a ballad and emotive enough to communicate beyond words!” Glen Starkey-NEW TIMES

“I really LOVE this album” Rob Kimball- KCBX RADIO

“This is what happens when the right voice meets the right song” Dave Congalton-KVEC RADIO

“Who the hell is CV Wells?” Overheard before a performance.

Folk People Concert with Garry Eister

On Saturday, August 23rd, at 8 PM,
GRAMMY nominated composer/performer Garry EisterGarry Eister

Garry Eister will present a benefit recital of guitar songs by himself and others at The Brickyard Theatre which is located at the home of Charley and Anet Carlin in Atascadero, CA

Eister will present the premier performance of FOLK PEOPLE a cycle of songs whose subjects and themes are drawn from American folk music.

This audience-friendly piece is a musical hybrid whose style is a blend of art song and folk song and is accompanied on one of only a handful of just-intonated resonator guitars extant in the world. The second half of the program will consist of songs by Brel, Weill, Waits, Dylan and others.

The Unexpected Decision

March 2014 – Dear Brickyarders
Charley and I would like to let you know that we are closing the chapter on The Brickyard Theatre.
We have been thinking this over for a time and decided that we would move on in our lives to another chapter towards more time for family, greater family and friends.
What a wonderful run we had, yes?  Great memories, good work.
I, Anet, want to particularly thank my family, Charley and Ben, for their forbearance of all things theatre.  They enjoyed the process and the audience but had to endure a lot.
Thank you all for your art put into communal work towards the outcome named Brickyard Theatre.
We raised close to $90,000.  We thrilled many people. We’ll raise a glass one day together.
Love, Anet and Charley and Ben

The Unexpected Man

After a year hiatus, the critically acclaimed Brickyard Theater in Atascadero will be bringing Yasmina Reza’s The Unexpected Man to the stage in September.
On a train traveling from Paris to Frankfurt, two strangers, a man and woman,  share a compartment. He – a famous writer known for being Continue reading

Artist – Dennis Dillow

Walt Whitman By Dennis Dillow

Walt Whitman by Dennis Dillow

Dennis Dillow hails from Cairo, Illinois. He is a graduate of Northern Illinois University (B.A. English) and is the author of numerous short stories. He later moved to Seattle to attend the Burnley School of Professional Art.  After graduating and spending two years as a silk-screener at the Boyd Sign Company, he moved to Cambria, California to apprentice under master Sid Francis as a lithographer at BlueBerry Press. For the next fifteen years Dennis worked with some of the top artists in America including Dennis Curry, Ann Laddon, John Ramos, Dan Smith, Al Agnew, Rick Kelley and Brian Jarvi, helping produce exquisite limited edition original Mylar lithographs. He has been drawing professionally for nearly forty years, concentrating mostly on brochure illustration and pencil portraiture.  He has illustrated two local books, Our Cambria by Art and Irina Wilson and The Magic Moonstone which he co-wrote with John Caisley. He currently lives in Adelaida west of Paso Robles, California with his wife, Christina, and together they own Fig Good Food in Atascadero.

Artists – Julie & Melinda

Artist - Julie Forbes

Artist – Julie Forbes

Julie Forbes and Melinda Frankel

have collaborated for over 15 years. Sparking each other’s creativity, they love the challenge of organizing group exhibits that focus on a wide variety of topics, from social justice to contemporary fashion to trash and environmental issues. They are adept at using recycled materials in a variety of mediums. They are the originators and curators of ‘The Peace Library’ an ongoing project featuring Artists’ Books. “Up In Arms – A Creative Response to Gun Violence” was their most recent group project, featuring 100 original posters. The duo’s work has been seen in galleries and libraries though out the county and they have taught many workshops together.

Artist - Julie Forbes

Artist – Julie Forbes

Content is the key to inspiration for Melinda and Julie. Yasmina Reza’s “The Unexpected Man” is an intimate drama, where internal tensions are revealed through soliloquies. The artists used the actual script as background, creating a series of folios reflecting the interior monologues of the “The Man” and “The Woman.” A combination of contemporary stenciling, collage, and digital output keeps the works spontaneous.  In addition, paintings from the “Chairs of our Lives” series suggest stories of middle age using furniture as the symbolic characters. A collection of Artists’ Books will also be available for examination, turning the temporary gallery of The Brickyard Theater into an installation of unexpected ideas.

Art Show Opens August 18th

The Circle of Friends Gallery and Brickyard Theatre Present a new art show, A Temporary Gallery of Ideas, Sunday afternoon, August 18th from 4PM to 7PM.


Artist Julie forbes

Circle of Friends Gallery opens a new art show, A Temporary Gallery of Ideas on Sunday afternoon, August 18th from 4PM to 7PM.  Featured artists in the show are Julie Forbes, Melinda Frankel, and Dennis Dillow.

The Circle of Friends Gallery has been exhibiting once a year for 8 years in conjunction with The Brickyard Theatre’s performances. This year the Brickyard is offering The Unexpected Man, by Yasmina Reza, playing September 6 – 22.  The art show will be available throughout the run of the play.

Walt Whitman By Dennis Dillow

Walt Whitman by Dennis Dillow

Since the play reflects layers and layers that build up to reveal its two characters, Julie Forbes and Melinda Frankel were invited to do collaged images.  Since the play is a dual portrait of the two characters, Dennis Dillow was invited to exhibit his finely detailed portraits.  This is a very exciting show that also includes other works from these fine artists.

The Unexpected Man

ABOUT THE PLAY – written by Yasmina Reza

Yasmina Reza’s play takes place in a train compartment, its two characters bound for Frankfurt. It proceeds as a series of monologues representing their internal thoughts. He’s a famous writer, known for being antisocial and even bitter; she’s an enormous admirer of his work and has his latest novel, “The Unexpected Man,” in her handbag. She desperately wants to talk to him, but is paralyzed by a combination of awed fear and a sense that her fantasies of who he is might prove far superior to the reality. He, meanwhile, retreats into his own world, contemplating his family problems and Continue reading